BLOGPOST, Venice Beach, december 2012

Dear student of life,

some people call me crazy! They say I might have lost my mind and I fully agree with them. It just feels so good to get out of my head:-)…

Let me explain why I – together with the Tactical Teachings Academy – have created a high quality 9-day online study course AND why we’re giving it away for free. To be clear that is about $1,000.000 of missed revenue.

Here’s the thing, I’ve pledged to be a spiritual guinea pig since the launch of my first documentary and book Superwise ME! ~ Law of the Heart and because of that I have to keep listening to my inner voice. I’ve felt – for a while now – that I want to do something completely different in the realm and business of my profession. So I want to step up and walk my talk. YES! It is time for a new spiritual experiment…

Lets shake up the Money Paradigm!

I see on the net more and more promoting, hustling, bustlin’, pushing, shoving, marketing and manipulation happening. Ads, spam, banners, video’s, messages, pages, tweets, coupons, QR codes, headers, limited time offers, promotions and campaigns… You, the consumer, are bombarded more than ever. Just like in the physical world. Not that there’s anything wrong in selling a valuable product, but I wanted to try something else this time. Something risky even. I want to give the best stuff away for free. No small print, no strings attached, no spam, no nothing…. And not because I don’t like money, nor that I don’t value myself and my work enough. None of that, really. I just gotta practice what I preach. Listen to my heart and have faith that magic will happen. That is how it works for me.

The risk?

You might want to turn down a free offer. Why? Because of the current money green realm we live in! I’ve been struggling a little with this free concept. Giving stuff away FOR FREE is very noble but in this day and age it is not really appreciated by most people. Once at a seminar with author Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God) in Amsterdam, someone stood up and asked why he charged so much money for a ticket. His answer was short and simple: “If it was free, nobody would show up.” True, but as long as we keep this alive… nothing will change. Why is the concept of FREE not appreciated? Not trusted even?

I’ve always wanted to change that. Shake it up a little. Play with it. We’re just caught up in the Money Paradigm, but we can escape this and shape a better reality for all of us. Our world could be a place where money is not the standard of value for something.

FREE can become priceless again.

But someone has to start. So I guess I want to put my money where my mouth is:-)… First by giving something away for free. Second by knowing and trusting that I can live on by doing this. I gotta pay my bills, my mortgage, most of my stuff cost money… but you know what I’ve found out? I’m taken care of. In magical ways. I can do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, buy whatever I want, pay all I need to pay… and next to that I’m really happy. I’ve never had the money blues. So I guess listening to the heart really delivers great stuff on the front of my doorstep. Day in day out. This enables me to work fearless for FREE for you and share my best stuff in this online study course without charging anything.

But I do want to ask something from you.

If I give away my best stuff away FOR FREE… will you appreciate it? Will you value it as if you’ve just paid $997? That would be so cool. Try it and let us shift this Money Paradigm we live in today. TOGETHER! Enjoy this high quality online study course. There’s nothing held back. It is the best from the best. It is something that normally costs a $1.000. It is a simple and tactical roadmap that can lead you to more wealth, a better health. This program will bring you closer to LOVE, WISDOM and HAPPINESS. I’m pretty sure about it. PLEASE consider it as the most expensive gift you gonna get for X-mas, your birthday or just because you are loved. Enjoy this spiritual experiment. Join and share with me what you think and feel as we go and I’ll keep you informed about what happens to me and if I can still pay my bills after this free goodies journey:-)…

Sending you much LOVE,

Len Branson
Author, Filmmaker, Journalist

P.S. OK. Here’s what I would love you to do. Just to create a little commitment and effort:-)… You’ll get FREE access to the membershipsite (a $997 value) when you upload a video on youtube in which you share with me why you would like to get in the TTA Classroom and study this course. Shoot the video with your smartphone, your webcam. Tell me your story, share it with the world by uploading it. Put in the title ‘SUPERWISE YOU’ for reference purposes. I’ll have a blast looking for them and learning from you. Getting to know you better while you share with me your experiences with the program and your ideas and thoughts about the Money Paradigm and this spiritual experiment. When you sign up for the online study course, there’s a space to sent me the youtube-link. You can also upload it later and post it on my facebook-page http://www.facebook.com/superwisemefanpage. That is it. That is all the commitment I ask. I’ll be on the look out:-)… Lets shake up the Money Paradigm together!

for more information: http://www.superwiseyou.com


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